lördag, oktober 06, 2007

Saturday and lots of things to do..

Well, today we have spent the morning in Majas school, and visited the class and her classroom during the lessons.. When we came home we heard some scratching, and the sound came from our livingroom.. I can tell you that Bruce Viggesson is really sad that his love of life Frosty don't want him yet, and therefor he did a little pool on the floor.. :o( Just hope he doesn't continue with that bad habit! Right now he is waiting outside Frostys door, longing for her love, as you can se on the pictures.. ;o)

Tonight we are going to a big party, taking fare well from my aunt and oncle since they soon are going to move to live in Thailand.. I think almost the whole family is gathered tonight, so it will be fun to meet all my cousins again and other relatives.. Some of my cousins I haven't seen for years.. ;o)

I am wishing that Bixie is taking her certificate in Nyköping today, and I'm just a little bit sad that we weren't able to go to the show because of the big family-party... ;o)

See you all tomorrow...

fredag, oktober 05, 2007

Sad news on a Friday..

Today it's 5 days since Ushki moved in, and it already seems like he's been here forever.. He is still a wonderful boy, and we are so happy over his temperament, looks, pedigree and everything! Just a little miracle! And he is very much beloved. Bruce is almost stuck outside Frosty's door, and he is allowed to go in to her for a while now and then, but she still isn't ready.. He for sure is... ;o) Loppan is a bit less bitter, she comes down and cuddle, but still not satisfied with Ushki. As long as he don't mind and she can control herself without attacking him it's fine with us. Dompan is ok with Ushki, she take good care of him and Candy is also ok with him. But Blossa is the star! She takes care of him like she does with every other cat or other animal or human being.. She is so sweet.. Darling Blossa!

Still no news about my dear friend, who has been at hospital for a while now.. I must say that I still hope that she'll be fine, but with lots of doubts.. She has been through a lot, and as long as there is life there should be hope.. Just let us hope that she doesn't loose her spirit.. Sad thing always happens, but some things gets to your heart and soul more than others.. The friend who is at the hospital is one person I have connected to, and I miss my almost daily contact with her.. But I will continue hoping for recovery.. And I must say that above all I am grateful for have had the opportunity to meet and become a friend to this person. No matter what happens, I will still have my memories of you!

Today also a wonderful personality, deeply admired for his calmness and sweetness but also for many other good things, went over the rainbow bridge.. Rest in peace, dear Buster Lunkentuss! We will always remember you and always think of you as Bruce's alter ego.. And we feel a lot for Kattis and Mats in this moment of sorrow..
One could never prepare for a lost, even if one try..

With these sad words I leave my blog today..

torsdag, oktober 04, 2007

Day 4 according to Ushki...

Well, I always say that all things are always happening at the same time.. Yesterday a female came to have a date with Bruce.. She isn't ready yet, but hopefully will be soon.. Mr Love, alias Bruce, met her tonight and fell inlove immediatly.. She didn't fancy him that much.. yet.. But I reckon they will fall inlove tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.. Poor Bruce, he is standing outside her door just singing with his best voice and he produces many different songs... ;o))) Hopefully she will fall for him soon, otherwise we perhaps have to move... ;o) Our neighbors are probably not as thrilled over this visit as we are.. If you want to take a look at the prudish lady you can take a look at this homepage...

And sweetest Ushki then? Well, he is a very cute little fellow, already very much beloved and well taken cared of by everyone in this family. Even Sacke, my son, is cuddling him and Ushki seems to be pleased by his new home. Loppan is still a bit angry, but she now and then will come downstairs, lying under the table and growling and staring when she sees little Ushki. He doesn't seem to bother.. He just goes on doing what he is doing, don't mind her at all... ;o) He likes to play a lot, and he is also our best guest for dinner, preferably he stands on the table while we try to eat.. ;o) Of course we take him down, but since he is like a dog everyone is giving him whatever they (we..) think he would like from our dinner... And of course what he could eat without being sick.. He for sure is a very spoilt little fellow already.. He is sleeping in our laps, and have found a new special place in an open drawer in the bathroom downstairs.. When I came home from work today I couldn't find him, and I was looking for him everywhere where he has been this far.. But I didn't find him! I asked Maja, but she had no idea! Finally we found him in the drawer, and he was so cute sleeping among the towels... ;o)

Well, now I have to fix some dinner for Wilma, since she fell asleep earlier and missed our dinner.. See ya!

Ps I must say that Wilma is funny sometimes.. Or almost all the times.. I was trying to explain to her why Bruce is standing outside the door to Frostys room, and I was telling her that it was because he wanted her to fall inlove with him. "He is singing love-songs to her!" I said.. Later on she said, with a very honest face "Mum, I think he sings just like Snowwhite.. Or maybe it is like Sleeping Beauty, I don't remember.." I don't know if I agree... Ds

tisdag, oktober 02, 2007

Ushkis day 2 in the family!

Today Ushki has went to our vet, just to have a healt certificate made by a Swedish veterinarian.. He has one from the Spanish vet, but our insurancecompany wanted to have a new one from this country as well. Ushki was a bit worried in the beginning of the ride, but soon settled down in his nice cage. We had put in a litterbox just in case.. Well, he didn't need it, and he behaved very well at the vet's. No problems at all with the certificate, and then we went home after a quick stop at the pharmacy. Wilma has some fever, so I'll have to stay home from work, and Stefan is also ill, so Ushki is having lots of attention these days.. I thought Ushki only did sleep with me the last night, but Stefan told me that after spending some hours in my bed he went to Stefans bed, so he is for sure a little cuddle bear! ;o)

As you can see on the picture above is someone still sulky.. ;o) Loppan usually take some weeks to get along with new cats and litters of kittens as well, so we are not surprised at all. She gets all the attention from Linn and Maja, since she is hanging in their rooms upstairs all the days and nights the first weeks of new familymembers entrances... She'll be fine in time.. Just wonder, since Bruce's new girlfriend probably will arrive tomorrow, how she will react then.. We should probably use Majas or Linns room for the mating taking part, and that will aswell be a thing to sulk about for Loppan.. Poor Loppan.. ;o)

Bye for now!

Pictures of Ushkis second morning in the family..

Well, what to say..? Ushki, who isn't normally used to spend time with kids at all, and who did a really long travel this weekend just to go to his new home in a different part of Europe is really already settling down I think.. As you can see on the pictures he's ok with Wilma.. Or rather more than ok... He is spending this morning in her lap watching tv, and when we went to sleep yesterday he was so cute and did sleep in my bed for a couple of hours.. Soon I'm going to serv him and the other cats their breakfast... But I really don't want to disturb Wilma & Ushki while they are getting along so well, so I guess the cats could wait for their breakfast until Ushki wakes up.. ;o)

I couldn't thank you enough, Anne, for this wonderful babyboy!

måndag, oktober 01, 2007


Idag har jag fått reda på att min kära vän, som legat på sjukhus ett litet tag nu, inte mår så väl, tvärtom är det sämre. Så mitt i all glädje för Ushki så grinar jag mest för hennes skull. Hon är en fantastisk människa och vän och jag håller alla tummar o tår för att det mot alla odds ska bli bättre. Kram, vännen, du är underbar och jag saknar dig så!

Babyboy Ushki!

Some new pictures of our babyboy Ushki! He behaves very good, seem to like our household even though Loppan is giving him a quite hard time when they run into eachother (wich isn't often since Loppan prefers to stay upstairs and Ushki downstairs).. Ushki LOVES to play and we have spent the day just watching him. He eats well, drinks, are going to the litterbox when needed and seem to be quite pleased with everything.

Well, since Wilma was standing right behind me while taking the photo, it's no wonder why Ushki's eyes are wide open! ;o)

A charming boy, isn't he?

That's all for now!

söndag, september 30, 2007

Ushki is finally at home!!

First of all I want to thank Heather Anne at La Peyre for trusting us with Ushki! He is an adorable babyboy, and we are so very pleased being able to get him in an easy and smooth way thansk to Heather Anne & Javier! I met up Heather Anne on the Ibis Hotel in Madrid center, and there she was with my already very loved Ushki! Ushki started to charm me immediatly, and dragged himself all across my bed just to have the attention.. And he for sure did get it! Anne & I went out for a good meal, and later on, when we returned to the hotel, Ushki continued charming me.. He even layed on my chest and purred during the night. A very charming boy indeed..! :o) This morning we had breakfast at the hotel, me and Anne, and later on she left me and Ushki with a brand new cage, a nice blanket with his name on, his food and of course the cat himself, Ushki among other things! I am very grateful to Anne & Javier for their hospitality and for giving us the chance to have Ushki!

Ushki and I took the metro to the airport, checked our luggage in, waited for a couple of hours, and he behaved so nicely and calm. When we finally sat on the plane and the plane took off he became a bit worried and started to run around in his cage and trying to break out.. I thought it was because of the plane taking off, but later on it turned out he had to go to the toilet.. And there was none.. Luckily for me Anne was wellprepared (I wasn't for sure...) and had given me a disposable paperblanket for Ushki to have in his cage "just in case".. Uski and I went to the toilet on the plane, washed him of a bit, threw away the disposable blanket and then I gave him his litterbox filled with sand (a very small litterbox, perfect for him to lie in.. ;o)) IF he had to go again.. ;o) He didn't. Not a single word from Uski, not even when the plane landed, or when we picked up our luggage or even when we went all the way home by car. My dear co-owner to Ushki, Marie Fairyheart, drove all the way to Copenhagen just to pick us up so that Ushki could have a big cage the final 3,5 hours home. Love you, Marie! ;o)

At home Ushki had the opportunity to discouver his new home without any disturbance of any other cat, and he was really curious. He started to eat (He likes James Wellbeloved a lot!) and to drik and after some time we decided to let him meet Bruce. It went fine, and after that we took the others out. Domino was a bit snotty to him, hissing and then she found his leftovers and forgot all about him.. ;o) Loppan was really pissed off as always when introduced to other cats.. She layed on the table just trying to get rid of him by staring at him in a very inpolite way.. He didn't even bother to look at her! Bruce followed him EVERYWHERE possible, but in a nice way and Candy was hissing a bit, but in a quite nice way.. Seemed she only wanted to tell him who's the boss around here... And Blossa... I must say that of all our cats there couldn't be a nicer or friendlier cat than her! She immediately started to sniff on him and a couple of seconds later she found out that he had to be licked all over his face. She is so sweet, darling Blossa! When the cats had met Ushki wanted to play, and Stefan did play with Ushki a lot! I don't know if Stefan or Ushki liked it the most, probably they both were pleased! ;o)

Well, time to go to bed now... See you all tomorrow.. ;o)