onsdag, oktober 10, 2007

Demonius & Ushkis adventures...

A mail from Demonius new owners came the other day, telling us that just as we did believe Demonius loves the children in his new family! He plays and hang around them all the time and he is developing nicely.. Big thanks to his new owners for the pictures..

Ushki has almost became friend to Loppan, but only almost... She still looks at him with "the evil eye" sometimes, but no wonder since he is an even worse teaser than she is herself! He lies in ambush for especially Blossa, and tonight she became so scared that she fell down from their climbingtree.. Poor Blossa, she isn't the smartest cat in the world.. Ushki has also been beaten up by Domino, since he tried to surprise her.. He did for sure, and she is not the cat you want to scare... She chased him down and did beat up him. But do you think the little red rascal did mind? No way, up and attacking her as soon she thought he was conquered and turned her back on him.. He for sure is a little hooligan...
Today he got a big bad mark in his notebook for heaven by Linn.. He had biten the flex for her earphones to her Mp4 totally apart, in very small pieces.. But I think she will forgive him.. ;o) And we love him anyway! :o)

That's all for now! Hope everyone is fine and will have a nice end of this week.. Me? Well, Wilma have some fever tonight, so I guess I'll have to stay at home tomorrow again.. :o(

måndag, oktober 08, 2007

Relatives and Raoul...

Just a quick note before bedtime.. Stefan has renamed Ushki, since he is a big footballfan he now calls Ushki Raoul... Hmmm.. Me and Marie prefers Ushki, but I started to laugh when Stefan came home after the football tonight, and asked where Raoul was.. ;o)


See you all some other day!

söndag, oktober 07, 2007

Lycklig Bruce...

Så är Bruce i himmelriket.. Trots argbiggan Frosty, som spöar upp honom mellan parningarna.. Tänk att en sån rar liten katta kan bli så ilsk! Kärlek vill jag inte kalla det, men parar sig gör de i a f som ni kan se.. Så nu börjar tumhållning att det tar.. ;o)

Annars inget nytt mer än att Bixie fick cert bägge dagarna o nu kan titulera sig Champion, liksom Biv o Nom idag! Det går bra för det fina barnbarnet! Sun King blev Ex 2 igår och idag tog han cert, det var roligt! Så man kan inte klaga.. Själv känner jag mig inget vidare idag, efter släktkalaset igår, men man får liksom skylla sig själv.. ;o) Kalaset var trevligt och vi hade skoj i a f, så då får man ta den sura dagen efter som den är..

Nu väntar soffan.. Hejsvejs!